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2016: New publications

1.            C. Manicam, N. Perumal, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus, A. Gericke (2016) First insight into the proteome landscape of the porcine short posterior ciliary arteries: Key signalling pathways maintaining physiologic functions. Sci Rep 6:38298.

2.            S. Funke, S. Beck, K. Lorenz, M. Kotterer, D. Wolters, N. Perumal, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) Analysis of the effects of preservative-free tafluprost on the tear proteome. Am J Transl Res 8:4025-4039.

3.            S. Funke, S. Markowitsch, C. Schmelter, N. Perumal, F. K. Mwiiri, S. Gabel-Scheurich, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) In-Depth Proteomic Analysis of the Porcine Retina by Use of a four Step Differential Extraction Bottom up LC MS Platform. Mol Neurobiol.

4.            K. Lorenz, S. Beck, M. M. Keilani, J. Wasielica-Poslednik, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) Course of serum autoantibodies in patients after acute angle closure glaucoma attack. Clin Exp Ophthalmol.

5.            K. Bell, A. Holz, K. Ludwig, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) Elevated Regulatory T Cell Levels in Glaucoma Patients in Comparison to Healthy Controls. Curr Eye Res 1-6.

6.            K. Bell, C. Wilding, S. Funke, N. Perumal, S. Beck, D. Wolters, J. Holz-Muller, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) Neuroprotective effects of antibodies on retinal ganglion cells in an adolescent retina organ culture. J Neurochem 139:256-269.

7.            N. Perumal, S. Funke, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) Proteomics analysis of human tears from aqueous-deficient and evaporative dry eye patients. Sci Rep 6:29629.

8.            S. Funke, N. Perumal, S. Beck, S. Gabel-Scheurich, C. Schmelter, J. Teister, C. Gerbig, O. W. Gramlich, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) Glaucoma related Proteomic Alterations in Human Retina Samples. Sci Rep 6:29759.

9.            P. Laspas, P. D. Culmann, F. H. Grus, V. Prokosch-Willing, A. Poplawksi, N. Pfeiffer, E. M. Hoffmann (2016) A New Method for Revision of Encapsulated Blebs after Trabeculectomy: Combination of Standard Bleb Needling with Transconjunctival Scleral Flap Sutures Prevents Early Postoperative Hypotony. PLoS One 11:e0157320.

10.         N. Von Thun Und Hohenstein-Blaul, K. Bell, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) Autoimmune aspects in glaucoma. Eur J Pharmacol 787:105-118.

11.         O. W. Gramlich, J. Teister, M. Neumann, X. Tao, S. Beck, H. D. von Pein, N. Pfeiffer, F. H. Grus (2016) Immune response after intermittent minimally invasive intraocular pressure elevations in an experimental animal model of glaucoma. J Neuroinflammation 13:82.

12.         C. Manicam, J. Staubitz, C. Brochhausen, F. H. Grus, N. Pfeiffer, A. Gericke (2016) The Gatekeepers in the Mouse Ophthalmic Artery: Endothelium-Dependent Mechanisms of Cholinergic Vasodilation. Sci Rep 6:20322.


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